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Some questions frequently asked by first-time customers of

American Self-Storage Stores

Some questions frequently asked by first-time customers of 

American Self-Storage are:

Q. Do I have to rent starting at the beginning of the month?

A. Any day, Monday through Saturday, that you want to begin rental is okay with us. Your rent is prorated for the remaining days in the month you rent.


Q. Must I rent a unit for a full month or for a contracted period of time?

A. After the initial rental, the contract is monthly, and you can stay for any period of time you wish. 


Q. Do I have access to my unit in the evening or on Sunday, and when the rental office is closed?

A. Yes!  You can access your unit from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., every day of the year.


Q. Why can't I get to my unit between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.?

A. Typical homeowner and business users of self-storage do not need round-the-clock access to their storage units.  We can make special case-by-case monitored arrangements for after-hours access in some instances.  But these are rarely needed or requested by our customers.


Q. Do I have to use your lock or buy a lock from you?

A. You may use your own lock, keyed or combination, or we do have locks for sale if you prefer to purchase one from us.


Q. Do you have boxes for sale to use in moving or storing items?

A. Yes.  Various sizes are available during regular office hours from the store manager.


Q. What size storage units are available?

A. Typically eight sizes are available, they range in size from 5x5-feet to 10x30-feet.


Q. Can the store manager help me figure out the right size unit for the items I have to store?

A. Yes.  Our store managers have guidelines for the types of items that will fit in each size unit, and they are trained to save you money on your storage cost.


Q. Will I need anything in the way of identification to rent a unit?

A. Yes.  We require a current, government issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, and a phone number where we can reach you if needed.  Otherwise, we can not rent a unit to you.


Q. Can I store whatever I want?

A. Just about whatever you want.  We do not permit the storage of illegal substances, hazardous or toxic materials.  In addition, we do not allow customers to operate a business directly out of a unit, work on a vehicle, regularly bring customers to look at merchandise, fabricate, weld, or process  materials, or to inhabit a unit. 


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